Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lancer XC Trainning Camp

I wish I had some better pictures from the weekend.....

The semi-annual University of Windsor Lancer XC trainning camp was held once again in Goderich this weekend and hosted, partly, by yours truly.  Since 2002, the team has been up about 6 or 7 times.  Each time in September to get ready for the fall racing season.  They stay in Bayfield, but come into Goderich to train.  Accompanied by coach Malloy, Weston, and Patterson, 20 athletes came and it was a great weekend.

We all worked out on Saturday morning around the Water Treatment Plant.  It went really well; including for myself.  I got rolling completing an 8 minute tempo (going through the mile in about 5:20) and then 10x1k (in 3:12s with 2 mins rest).  I thought I would be able to average under 3:10, but maybe the loop was a bit long?  Or perhaps I am not as fit as I think/hope I am.....  Nevertheless I thought it was a great effort and it will be interesting to see how the races go for me over the next month. 

On Saturday afternoon we all traversed down in Grand Bend.  I organized a bird house making competition, a picture scavenger hunt and a Lancer XC Trivia Questionaire.  The kids seemed to have a great time completing these tasks.  The coaches and I had a pretty good time in the Legion having a cold pint.

It was a great weather weekend and Shelly and I just sort of hung out on Sunday enjoy the last weekend of the summer.  Next Saturday autumn starts I think.

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