Friday, August 4, 2017

Port Hood, NS

We left Alma and continued east getting further and further away from home.  Was this a good decision?  Have we had enough of the nomadic lifestyle, and be better served by returning back to familiar grounds.  It was too late for that as Moncton was driven through, then Amherst.  We were officially in Nova Scotia.  We had driven 450km reaching Port Hood in Cape Breton.  Puke stains engulfed Wally, the car seat, an IPad, and everything else on the rear passenger side of the car during the last 1.5km of the journey.  Close, but not close enough.

We made great time however.

By and by we got settled.  Our hosts had to go back to Dartmouth, NS to take care of some personal affairs, so we had their cottage/cabin to ourselves for the next 48 hours.

Upon arriving Wally was tended too first.  Bathed, cleaned, fed, cuddled, and sorted he was mostly back.  He was put down to bed and by mid afternoon and the truck was soon stripped, wiped, Clorox bleached, and aired out as much as possible.  Molly and I went on a laundry adventure, and found a spot at a campground just before Maboo to wash the items which were dirty in the capacities that they were.  The campground had a pool.  So as our clothes were washed and dried, we swam.  It was a great use of time.

On Wednesday night we didn't do too much of anything else except get a feel for the lay of the land, and to plot our moves for the next couple of days.  As it is the municipality is having their annual summer festival known as Chestico Days.....  There would be lots to do.

I ran on Thursday morning, and Shelly got herself signed up for the area's coed slow pitch tournament.  This was nine o'clock in the morning.  The first pitch was at ten.  One more lady was needed, so Shelly was in luck.  Lots of it too.  Shelly loves baseball and a day of it would be nothing but a good time.  The teams were picked at random, however there were 6 MacDonalds on her team and two others whose last name also started "Mc/Mac".  In more ways then one she was an outcast, last name included, however her stingy defence and open up offence showed her peers that her Ontario ball skills were not to be scoffed at or taken lightly.  Wouldn't you know it, they won the Championship.  The kids and I returned to see the final few innings of play and this bunch of homogeneous looking guys with red hair and beards, and the lasses, had their customary picture taken at home plate as winners do.

Anyway it was been five or six years since I have been to this cabin.  I was surprised by how things have changed around it and the community.  We are here for another few days and will get more observances and incidences noted.  As of yet our hosts haven't arrived, but it will be quite fun when they do.

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