Thursday, August 10, 2017

More Chestico Days

After two huge days of baseball and running championships, the awesome parade, square dancing, and, of course piano moving, there was just bit of unfinished Chestico Days business.  There was a boat parade we were invited to ride in, subsequent Port Hood Island visit via boat, and the grand finale of fireworks down at the wharf.  Molly was so excited to get this all going, unfortunately it would not be the case.

We drove the 5km to the marina in two cars.  It was raining.  The parade was postponed for twenty four hours.  No sea faring fellow would want to be out in this weather if it wasn't absolutely necessary.  We boarded the big boat to have a beer and plan the next move with a dozen or so other disappointed partiers.  We would end up going to the captain's cabin in Judiquo for a BBQ.   It was captain Linden MacIntyre; 2009  Giller Award winner for The Bishop's Man and retired CBC host of the Fifth Estate.

The BBQ was great, although it continued to rain the entire time. He has an amazing place and it would have been better to be outside.  However the two dozen people who were now there were all really nice and we all engaged in conversation like we had all been friends for years.  Such as it is during a Cape Breton kitchen event.  It was so much fun that Alex had to call for a ride home.  Linden was celebrating a release of a new novel, and just revelling at being around his siblings, children, grand children, and friends. After Linden found out we were from Goderich, we talked to him at a little length about the Steven Truscott story, investigation, trial and of course acquittal years later.  He had quarterbacked a Fifth Estate story about Steven in the early 2000s which brought him to Goderich.

So all that could still be done would be the fireworks.  We had an incredible scoff to eat and in a way it was like another fine Cape Breton kitchen party.  Six adults, five kids, and the dog and rabbit.   Kids hand dishes we washed, and the troupe was off to see the nine thirty explosions.  There was a silent presence getting closer to the launching area.  Though it wasn't raining, the light show would also be delayed.  No fireworks.  Back to the house.  Transition to bed.

With the five kids asleep, the dog and rabbit nestled into their slumber, and three adults tapping out too, it was left to Shelly, Alex, and me to discuss various topics in education and life.  A number of profound observances were noted, and no sooner had eleven o'clock rang, the three of us ambled to our bedrooms looking for sleep.  It wasn't hard to find.

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