Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Last Day in May

A pretty poor social media month around drmexploits, however here we are at the end of the month and I suppose it would be worth while to post a brief recap.  Nothing too profound happened during the month, but I suppose the summary would go a bit like:

* helped organize the 400 strong Mother's Day road race in Goderich
* it has been going strong for 6 years and I have set up the course and water stations each year
* I also biked it this year knowing there would be noooooooo waaaaaaaay I'd come anywhere close to my 16:10 of 2016
* Molly ran the 1 lap loop of the square kid's race...  She had lots of fun....  She ran the entire way...  She got a medal at the end for finishing...

* Shelly and I went to an Award's night sponsored by her federation
* she was recognized and won an award along with a few of her colleagues and some students in the board
* here jazz band was the entertainment before it began

* Shelly, Bridget, Phil and I played a 9 or 10 song set at the Goderich Legion the other night
* Shelly was on vocals and ukulele, Bridget on the violin and vocals, Phil on the box drum, and me on the guitar
* we were okay...  we practiced better then we played perhaps, but it wasn't too bad - my friend took a few pictures but I haven't seen any of them yet.

That was it basically for the month.  Shelly had a birthday.  I had a few good visits with some buddies from out of town.  I saw Kites and Rich in Guelph, then I saw Rich in Goderich.   I helped my buddy Dave open his cottage just south of town.  We have gone out for a few good bike rides on the trails.
 We have been cutting trees out at Shelly's farm.  All of the ash are dead and have to go.  The neighbour Kevin has been quarterbacking the falling of the trees, and we've been around to clean up after it is on the ground.  Plus I helped my mom cut down a decent sized tree in her yard.  It fell right were it needed to; no damage to person or property.

My buddy Steve hosted a huge retirement party and birthday party for his wife who celebrated those two events this past weekend.  It was quite fun to get out with Shelly among adults.  Molly and Wally were at home with my dad and they quite enjoyed themselves out for dinner and having a play on some equipment down at the beach.

So it was a busy month - at the time its events didn't seem that profound or interesting, but at the end of the month it seems more important.  Or important enough to put down for memories later on.

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