Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Long Weekend Camping

The long weekend just past and we hit the road for the first ever camping experience as a foursome.  It was okay... 

With Joel being out in BC, he would definitely not be needing the Palomino Pony for the weekend.  So after a quick email I had secured its use to take up to Macgregor Provincial Park in Port Elgin.  It was only 100km away, and if something about the weekend went wrong, it would not take too long to get back into comforts of running water, plumbing, heat, awesome beds, t.v., internet, well prepared food, no stinking, laundry, and so on and so forth.  However I can write that it wasn't so bad, but dam cold at night.

All in all though we were kitted well.  Our food and food preparation was very good.  In terms of leisure we had bikes and made use of the endless miles of trails to ride.  There is a well stocked store with tasty treats, clean flush toilets, showers, and so on.  Our trailer was decent....  The only major complaint was not being warm enough at night.  It was cold.....  I don't think it would have been sorted with simply extra blankets or extra clothes.  Those would have only delayed the onset of being cold - electric blankets and something industrial would have been the ticket to a more enjoyable night sleep.... 

It was Shelly's birthday on the weekend away.  We went camping with a group of 4 other people with kids, and the one lady had a birthday cake and cupcakes...  So it was incredibly nice of them to pull off that.

So we biked around a lot - I went for a few runs of course.  Molly did okay biking on the roads, but she had a bit tougher time on the trails with the rocks and roots.  We had lots of campfires, and there was also lots of playground equipment and a beach.  No swimming for us, although we did see people submerged in the water.

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