Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Ducks Came Back

Whether or not they are the same pair from last year, who knows.  But I do know mating pairs of ducks are generally monogamous and stay with the same partner for life.  But if they return to the same spot year in and year out, that I don't know.

And in running news I ripped off a 16:12 5km a week or two ago.  I was quite please actually.  I thought I would run something very close to that = It would have been incredible to see 15:59 on the clock, but alas.  I didn't run with a watch or look at any splits along the way - would it have made a difference????  Who knows, but I was happy all the same. The race was in Goderich and I know it is accurate!  If anything it is long!  Ya right....  The race goes right past the house so Shelly was outside playing the trumpet and the kids had a bit of a cheering section on the go....
It was actually a very very cold windy and snowy morning - It didn't snow during the race, but before it started.  Maybe with more favourable weather I would have hit sub sixteen?
My younger brother ripped off a 10km a few weeks ago and he hit a very respectable time of 42:30.  He also had the cheering squad going and all that.  Maybe he'll be a potential member of our Cabot Trail relay team in another year if we decide to do it again?  Who knows.  Keep going!

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