Sunday, August 9, 2015


From east side of Canada, down to south central Canada, I hit the road once again, KTM style this time, and made the 260km easily on Saturday morning.  First stop was gas, then the bank, and a coffee, then a washroom break, and then finally to Puce Road by noon.  Nothing is easy when one is traveling.

So some friends from high school try to go to a Detroit Tigers game each summer.  I haven't ever been able to make it with my own family travel, (not being invited?), or prearrange plans, but this year I was able to make it.  I mean, I had just got back from a 5 day boys trip already.  What would another day make?  (Major payback to Shelly...)

So without issue I was in/near Belle River and sipping a beer and eating a hamburger.  It was one o'clock.  The troops were starting to rally, deodorant was applied, teeth brushed, the best clothing worn, and passports in hand.  It was off to the Windsor - Detroit Tunnel.

The boarder crossing was only mentionable for one reason.  The really nice border patrol officer asked what we were planning on doing for 4 hours in Detroit prior to the baseball game starting.  We chirped out how we didn't have a concrete plan, but would obviously go to The Detroiter, Cheli's, Old Shillelagh's, and so on.  We asked her what she would do.  She said she would probably go to Old Shillelagh's if she was with her Irish friends.  It was a you-had-to-be-there-moment because, well, it is quite possible and reasonable that she has lots of Irish friends, but she was black and didn't fit the mold having lots of Irish friends, or even being interested in going to that type of bar....  It was funny at the time.  She was very nice, and let us proceed into the good ol' U.S. of A without being frisked or to provide a DNA sample or anything like that. We did bring an illegal over the boarder!  Take that D.O.H.S. First stop was Jacoby's.

 So for the next little while we just hopped from bar to bar, enjoying a cool libation or two, and getting hyped for the game.  There was definitely a buzz for the Tigers everywhere we went.  Lots of jerseys, hats, and people who had one mission - go to the game. And I haven't been following the team, or baseball really at all, but I don't think they are doing that great and aren't really keeping a winning record.  No one seemed to care from what I could tell.  We got into the game just as the first introductions were announced, and the pitcher was ready to throw his stuff.

The long and short of the game was that the Tigers beat the Boston opponents by a score of 6-5.  There were a few home runs, strike outs, walks, fly outs, ground outs, and so on.  I bought a 50-50 ticket.  It paid out $20,000 or so.  I matched one number correctly out of the 7 listed; the first one.  We stood which wasn't so bad.  And that is about it.

After the game there was no real rush.  An amazing fire works display lit up the sky, and we were similarly lit and getting a few more drinks at an outdoor patio.  By midnight we made tracks back to the car, went through the tunnel with nary a car in sight, and went to the Kildare House.  Despite our stomachs being full of drink, they were empty of food.  So a late night fried fiesta awaited.  So good, yet so bad.

 Of course there are a few more stories of this happened and that happened, however they wouldn't interest anyone reading this.  One guy's shirt made a memorable impression, but was left to the garbage collectors in Detroit to sort out...  And then trying to trade a shirt away...  Doing laundry before leaving for the game - lots of clothing stories I suppose....  It was a great time.  We all had a great breakfast scoff in Belle River down at the marina, and then I hit the road to return to where I came from.  That is it.

And Wally is seven months old today August 9, 2015 - Good on you Wally.  7 months old and the crying hasn't let up whatsoever!

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