Monday, July 27, 2015

Just Passing 40

See - I don't look much different.  These donkeys with me however is a different story..

Although it was two weeks ago, I celebrated my 40th with a bit of fanfare, but no pictures or photographic evidence of it.  The run down of the party incorporated a 40 minute run at 4:40, followed by a few jumps off the pier, then some beverages, appetizers and snacks before I grilled some dinner for 20 weird and wacky people who made their way over....  It went into the wee hours of the nite and next morning, and by all accounts it was a super fun time.  I look and feel mostly the same as when I last wrote anyway.  So not too much has changed, though I have been busy.

Out at the farm I have been hand bombing trails through the bush....  I don't know why I am doing it with such a labour intesive method.  If I have learned anything recently it is machinery is magic.  Machinery make work soooo much easier.  I am using a chainsaw, but I need a back hoe to really get my trail forged.  And the mosquitoes have been difficult to work with.  They make horrendous company.  However it is moving along well.

Another project I nearly have done is refinishing a deck out of the bedroom.  The old top was rotten and used, although the frame of it was quite useable.  So I fancied up a nice design and just completed the top part of it.  Next is the stairs and the railing.  I will do the stairs myself, and get the railing done/made by a neighbour who is a blacksmith; he has a metal forge out of town and it is right up his alley to get a safety net around it.  It is quite good so far, but I will get a picture when it is all complete.

I put brakes on my motorbike the other day and it wasn't too difficult.  Of course I had my pal Drew quarterback the process...  But I did a lot of it myself and could definitely have a go at another set if I needed, and had the proper tools.  Drew and I went out for breakfast afterwards; him on the Harley, and me on the KTM.  We went to Bartliff's in Clinton which is always a great feed.

The weather has been smashingly great around here lately....  I am off to Halifax this weekend...  I am getting myself a mid-life crisis guitar as a birthday gift - I haven't got it yet, but and super excited.  I would much rather buy a used model of what I am after, but because they are so unique, there just isn't the one I want for sale.  Lots like it, but not exactly the same.  So I may just buy new?    Anyway the guitar has to be a Gibson - J-45 Custom Mystic Rosewood Ltd. Edition.  Not a regular J-45, not the Ice Tea or the Vintage Sunburst...  Just the Mystic Rosewood.  They are rare and expensive enough, so ya - We'll see. If you know of anyone with this exact same guitar - I would gladly buy it off them.
I know my buddy Stan would be very happy about this purchase and would give me the thumbs up!  I am too ashamed and almost embarrassed to write how much they cost - so I won't. 

I didn't really get anything for my birthday actually - well plenty of booze from people who came over to the party - which I said don't bring, but I did run out of beer so Liesa, Jen and Rhonda save my skin with 40 Keith's for my 40th.  I did get a really cool mirror from Shelly though.  It was a birthday gift of course, but I got it early.  Anyway the mirror is custom made and its perimetre and inlay is a bicycle wheel with spokes.  It is pretty awesome and I am going to hang it in the music area of the house.
I thought a lot about two people who died in the last two weeks or so.  Dan Boyce and Danielle Mathias.  They had absolutely nothing in common with one another, other then the fact they both died, but, I don't know why, but I thought about it, and was upset and sad for the people around them because I know they were two great people.  I know the people around them knew that, but still, it is nice to go to these visitations and just lend a hand and say it is a terrible loss.  I will make a point of getting something short in the mail to the Mathiases, and think about Danny the next time I play hockey. 

I will have lots to post in a week with a recap out to Halifax....

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