Thursday, March 19, 2015

March Break

There has been lots to write about - and I know a few three or four care and expect and want the updates, so this posting comes late and with some apologies that I haven't written a few things in the past month, plus.  However it is the March Break in Ontario and you would think that has left me with plenty of time and opportunities to get out and going.  And it has....  But it is a bit different this year.

Since I have last written I have hit up Toronto and went to the motorcycle show, Windsor to watch the CIAU Track and Field Championships, and some day trips to London and Stratford to poke around at this, that and the other.

Toronto was fun.  The motorcycle show had all the eye candy, gear, paraphernalia, chrome, and such that a guy/gal could need.  I watch a few demonstrations of stunt street riders, trial riders, and the OPP Golden Helmets who have incredible skills on a 600 lb motorcycle.  Of course every manufacturer was also there and plenty of companies who sell the all important "add-ons" to complete your riding attire or theme.  I picked up a book, of all things, written by a Canadian who rode 5 years, 140,000 km, around the world and back again.  It was an interesting account of financial planning, love, motorcycle repair, local flavour and world culture all knitted together nicely.  He had no real sponsors, or no support or crew, but managed to find his way.  It is called The University of Gravel Roads by Rene Cormier.

And Windsor was a great, great trip just the other weekend.  Ex-Lancer alum Phil Dalton and I made the trip and it was a great, great time.  The action on the track did not disappoint, and seeing a whole whack of familiar faces was super as well.  I was very pleased to see that everybody from whom I met in the fall up in Goderich was doing well, and it was also nice to see lots of current and former coaches at the track.  It is always surprising who you don't see, rather then the ones you do.  However it was the start of the March Break and most people do not have their lives planned around an event like this.  I am really glad to have attended and seen the folks I saw.  I was a tightly packed 30 hours or so, but well worth it.

And things around home are rolling fine.  Half of the snow is all melted which is nice - although there is the odd drip and leak in the basement.  I have to think it is just melting from outside and getting in...  Everything is so dirty.  We need a good rain to clean up the streets and get that dusty/sandy deposit off of the streets.

I had my motorbike out for a spin the other day.  I put the battery in and it fired up.  It weather the winter well I guess because it had no hesitation or stumbles when it was throttled.  In fact it runs so much better in the cold weather as compared to the hot summer.  The cold air over the intake gives it more life I am sure.

So ya - Molly and Wally are well.  Wally is finding himself and finding his way.  Not with me though.  Oh no. There is zero, nothing, zilch I can do to please or satisfy whatever it is that is exasperating him.  I look at him and he cries.  I change him and he wails.  I hold him and he flails and fusses.  I do bathe him with very little trouble.  That is about it.  But he really can get loud and worked up for such a small kid.  Although I seem to think he isn't that small.  People tell us he seems big; that they think he has grown....  But I suppose that is a common statement and observation in the position we are in.  Next time I will post some quantitative stats on height, length and weight.

Molly has changed a bit.  Again, another obvious statement I am sure.  She is a bit more trying and testing. She has resorted into many "donkey-ish" behaviours...  Her over excitement and enthusiasm is getting the best of her.  However, she is not that bad - she has never chucked a harry in public or has been rude.  She never bites or hits - but she will get to and go to that area which pushes buttons....  She doesn't always get on with her cousins or neighbour friends as nice as they are (to her) in comparison.  She'll know what bothers them, and seemingly do it on purpose.

Things here with Shelly, and I, are great.  We continually mention that it is so great being in this house we are in.  It just is nice.  It has everything, but it isn't like it is super fancy or opulent.  The greenhouse was like 25 degrees centigrade today, while it was 5 degrees outside.  It is nice to have a garage to store stuff in.  We are starting to get things organized a bit and we will start some plants in the next few weeks.  Nothing major, just some flowers, tomatoes, herbs, and such.  


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