Friday, January 30, 2015

End of January

Pretty fortunate to finish off with a snow day today.  It was quite windy and there was some snow accumulation.  however I never did search out and see if the highways were closed.  My work, and there is plenty of it, was done at the comfort of home, and the Goderich Library. 

There isn't even close to the snowfall of last year however.  But I was out with the snow blower to make sure the driveway is accessible to those coming and going.  And we have had quite the steady stream and supply of people over.
So the steady stream of relatives have been mostly represented by the Johnston side of the tree.  But my grandma has been over, and for friends there has been far too many to mention accurately.  Off the top of my head the Grails, Tremainiacs, Kelly, Darby, and Hank, the Grails again....

Wally is doing well.  There are no stories of 5 hour plus stretches of sleep or quiet time...Nothing to write about a cool, calm demeanor who barely fusses...  Each day has stayed the same, seemingly no progress has been made....  But all in all his extremes don't seem that bad, and are just probably regular attention seeking cues for his age.  For needing relatively so little at 3 weeks; food, cleanliness, warmth, being dry, a mother's love, sleep, he gets pretty worked up when one or a combination of them aren't immediately provided.  And especially at night!
*Weed whacker ear protection does not work for a screaming child...  Trust me, I have tried.  Molly is learning the same lesson.


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