Thursday, September 20, 2012

I was just scrolling through another camera and came across some pictures from this past July...  Nothing too epic or anything, but funny nonetheless.
This is pretty clear - Trevor and his two, as well as Connie, Molly and I.  It'll probably be some time until we strike this pose again....

And I also came across this picture of my grandma Donna.  She is in her eighties - that is all I should write as I don't want to offend her, nor do I have her permission to indicate her actual age.  So to say she is in the 80s is probably fine.  Donna is a big fan of all her grand, and great grand children, as well as her 4 children too of course.  She lives on the other side of town from us and is in excellent form and health.
And as for other news - nothing.   Nothing really too much to mention.  Everyone is doing just fine around here.  Molly is motoring from one end of the house to the other crawling on her stomach - She is right-into everything that is within a reach or arm's length.  She experiments and enjoys all kinds of food - including the cat's if we don't put it away.  It is funny how the cat doesn't seem to like his kibbles, but Molly eats it eagerly.  Who would have guessed?

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  1. Hey Drew,
    Still loving the blog! Great to see Molly doing so well. Super cute! A big hello to you and your family! Tell Shelly I feel like I know her from reading this and you're all welcome to visit anytime!! Ngaire xx


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