Monday, September 3, 2012

At The Beach

It unfortunately seems like the end of summer.  Labour Day weekend has come and gone, and it is back to school on Tuesday.  But the weather is still terrific in town, and the water still very warm.  So the 3 of us headed to the beach for an hour to wave goodbye to another great summer, and have a send-off to another school year.

It didn't take all summer, but Molly has really liked going in the water and splashing around.  It has been a gradual improvement from July.  The water really is warm.  We always seem to run into people we know too.  Can't complain too much when all of this is less then a kilometre from the door.

And how about Shelly's bikini!  I bought that for her on Friday.  She has been home sick with a bit of the flu it seems and unable to get out and enjoy the last few days.  Molly and I went to Grand Bend for a drive and I was supposed to buy myself some back-to-school clothes.  But I had Molly and I wasn't really in the mood to be trying stuff on and going into stores with her being a bit of a joker....  As I was walking to the car the last store on the strip had all kinds of licensed Sons Of Anarchy swag.  I have been holding out for a white Sons of Anarchy T-Shirt that Jax wears often on the show....  Didn't see one.  No matter.  They had however bikinis with the Sons Of Anarchy logos and such on them.

A few months ago in Toronto I bought Shelly a Sons Of Anarchy T-Shirt that is pretty cool.  It is black and has the text, "What Would Gemma Do?" on it.....  This bikini would compliment her wardrobe quite well I thought....

It was sort of funny, me being in this store with Molly buying Shelly a bikini....  The salesperson wasn't all that helpful, but I sort of described Shelly's disposition (physically) and was getting to what size should I get for her....  I thought it would be beneficial to ask the person working what size of bikini she would wear, and size up Shelly's accordingly from her measurements.  To make a long story short - I settled on a bikini, and the size, fit, colour, and everything else about it was perfect.  Unreal.  I bet that doesn't happen too often; fellers buying bikinis for their missuses and they like them and such.  I am a lucky guy I suppose.

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