Friday, June 1, 2012

One Last Turkey Story - The Season is Now Done!

I opened up my work email on Friday morning to read the following message from my colleague and hunting buddy Larry:

When I got home and started cleaning it, I noticed the wildest thing.....there was a hole in his chest that had sorta scarred over. When I got into the breast meat, there was a  pellet stuck right against the breast bone (I was using copper plated shot). This bastard's been shot at before! Drew?
You gotta check out the pics!
So obviously Larry shot another Turkey on Thursday - which was the last day of the season.  He really does know what he is doing - Although he did tell me he put two shots to it.  Anyway, like I wrote a few weeks ago, I smacked a turkey pretty good, but it got up an took off!  Perhaps this was the same bird?  Who knows.  Larry said it looked initially like it was a parasite, or something really odd on it - it wasn't until he got a closer inspection when he realized that it had been shot before.  Was it by me? - probably not/who knows.  But it was in the same field/area.
Good job Larry on the 22lb Tom.  Big enough spurs and beard too.

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