Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hot June Weather

I don't know where to start...  It has been since June 1 since I posted.  Lots of pictures to share and stories.  It is so much easier just to keep more up-to-date.  But this doesn't happen all that often.  Not in any importance:
  1. Connie had a fall, had a quick surgery to pin/plate her shoulder - sorry about your luck.
  2. Shelly's brother Andrew and his wife Nathalie had a 2nd baby recently - a boy
  3. We were at a really fun wedding the other weekend out at Benmiller Inn
  4. Had some great visits from the Grails and Wrights
  5. Had a funny farming story changing a flat tire on a tractor and delivering a load of hay in the rain - well, sort of in the rain = it was quite embarassing to be out in the misty weather with a load of hay and flat tire on a tractor
  6. School is pretty much done and it has been quite the great, great year with a super class of willing learners
  7. Had my first Father's Day
The bride, Caley Moore, & husband Alex Eddington = He was dressed like you would think a person with the last name of "Eddington" would dress like, if that makes sense...

And Shelly at the wedding...

A few quick pictures of Molly with Rachel Grail, Wendy Macaulay, Claudia Baskerville, Sydney Macaulay, Sherry Miller & Shelly, and just by her silly self.

So there are a few other pictures, but you get the idea.  I didn't get one of the three of us at the wedding, nor a picture of Shelly or I together, nor of a "Father's Day" picture of the little ding-a-ling and me.  Oh well - gives me lots of reason to update the blog more frequently.

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