Friday, February 3, 2012

Sleeping Beauties

Things around here are back to the "norm" I suppose.  Molly has bounced back and has returned to her fine form.  She continues to have a great appetite and is getting to be a better sleeper each night.  In Guelph this past weekend she slept at the Tremain's for over 7 hours!  But for now she is content to occupy my side of the bed after I get up and start the day.

So the three of us were in Guelph last week.  On Friday night we stayed over at the Tremain's.  Kites was also in town.  We had a great scoff and then it was down to the basement to play some Dance Revolution 3 on the XBOX Kinect.  It was lots of fun and great to see everyone.

On Saturday morning we headed down the road to Joel's house = We arrived at the most fantastic time; they were settling down to a pancake breakfast and we had empty stomachs!  It is always, always great to see the four of them and the only unfortunate part is we don't have any pictures on our camera of the visit....  Email me some pictures Joel.

I also missed out on some great video from a Sunday night ago - We had a big jam session out in Saltford.  John, and Shelly were on the vocals and guitar, Craig was also on the guitar and I was strumming the ukulele.  We sounded pretty good. 

There have been a few visitors to the house.  Shelly's brother Andrew and his family were over.  Poor Andrew had a few of his teeth knocked out the other day...  A hockey accident.

Shelly's friend Sue and her two kids were over as well - No injuries to report from their world...  All is well with them.

Shelly has been enjoying and making the most of her time off.  I snuck up behind her and caught her doing what she is now doing best!  Baking:

Me, I am trying to continue to do what I do best:  Just Hanging!

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