Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nature's Love/Heart

Shelly, Dr. Kathryn (like a chiropractor she isn't a REAL doctor... just a lowly optometrist) and I were out on a nature walk this past weekend and nature was indicating Valentine's Day is nearing....  We didn't even arrange the leaves in this fashion!  This is just what we saw.  A heart.

So we were out on our walk and I am pretty sure Shelly's dad has a dam beaver problem over at his one farm....  I searched about and couldn't find the dam dam or the dam shelter in which they live.  But they were making light dam-work out of the beach trees in the area.  Shelly and Kathryn gave it a go as well.
Not a very flattering picture of either lady, so I promise to get a better dam shot at another event.

There were widdled pieces knocked out of the dam trees as if a razor sharp chisel and a mallet had worked on them.  That is the gist of this area.  Beavers can really do a lot of dam damage!

It has been rather quiet around here.  Molly is actually sleeping beside me as I type this up.  She is over three months old and is about 10 pounds in weight.  Her newborn clothes scarcely fit her anymore and she is in bigger diapers.  I notice a big difference in how she looks actually - but just "size" things generally.   Her hair is getting a bit redder and longer.  Another big difference is her appetite.  She tends to be hungrier more often and ravenous.  There doesn't seem to be any ill effects from mid-January's date with the lancet; let's hope that is the end of it.

Today was sweater day = People were supposed to turn down their thermostats by a few degrees and be aware of energy consumption...  At school we had a sweater challenge and I busted out a cardigan from 1979 with a big Ontario Provincial Police Association emblem on it - borrowed from that great guy Beaser.  I had a matching hat too.  Sadly I didn't win any prize for the attire.  Molly seemed to like it though.

I remember posting a year ago in Rossland.  I posted a poem called AValentine For Ernest Mann by Naomi Shihab Nye...  It is a fantastic Valentine's Day poem, and since the day is drawing nearer, you should make sure you find your poem, "heart", or that special something, for that special someone.

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