Thursday, January 19, 2012

Molly Is None Too Happy

Neither are Shelly and I...  We've had a setback of sorts.

January had been a great month up until this past weekend.  Molly was doing those infant things just swimmingly and Shelly was doing her mom things fine.  There have been more great visitors over and the only real problem had been not keeping this blog a bit more up-to-date and current.

So I will skip a whole bunch of useless info and just get to it:

Molly is back in the hospital and had another surgery.  She apparently had a combination of some kinks and scar tissue built up in her bowel.  So it is a big step back....  Everything had been going quite well, and she wasn't even that bent-up with this latest ailment, however....  Molly is back in the hospital, Shelly is back at Ronald McDonald House, and Mango and I are just putting out some fires on Quebec Street.  That is the basic run of events.

Molly continues to be very upset...  Shelly and I thinking it is funny, although it isn't:

So January hasn't been all terrible.  Molly has two great-grandmothers.  Nell, Shelly's grandmother, actually met Molly for the first time a week or two ago.  Nell is 93!  My grandmother is a youthful 88 and she lives in Goderich a few blocks away - So she stopped by for a hello too.  We don't have a photo of Nell, but here is Donna & Molly.  Pink must be an "it" colour for 2012.

I got a great phone call from a friend/colleague this month.  Her and her daughter where over on the x-mas holidays, and just had to come over again....  They were just hanging out one evening and just wanted to hold Molly.  So thanks to Diane and Rachel who came over again for a visit during the first of January.  Next time, Shelly and I will take off for that 60 minutes and get a coffee or just some quiet time while those two are minding.

So I will post again when there is movement on the Molly news.  Until then, here are a few funny-ish pictures from the month.

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