Sunday, January 22, 2012

I took a few great photos this weekend.   However I didn't put the memory card in the camera, and I can't find the cord to take the pictures off of the camera....

First Molly is doing really, really well.  It took a week, but she is off all of the various tubes and inserts, and back on the feeding schedule that she had enjoyed at home during December and the first part of January.  Her colour looks good, her weight is squeeking back up, and it seems she has got her energy back....  Basically all general 3 month old stuff.....  She should be home by Monday night or Tuesday morning.

Shelly had an all right week considering.  If all things were equal, I know she would rather be on Quebec Street, but people are treated very well at the hospital and at Ronald McDonald House...  Again, I had some great photos - but I need to find the cord.

I took part in the labour rally at Victoria Park on Saturday.  10,000 strong people took part in supporting the 450 locked out EMD workers in London by their parent company Catipillar.  It was very crowded with lots of flag-waving and chanting...  I crossed paths with a friend from Windsor named Enver Villamizar - he and his wife are teachers too and cam to support their fellow brothers and sisters.

Anyhow = I'll work on that camera and keep the information coming as it is revelent.

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