Thursday, February 11, 2016

New Doors

We have a wide selection of doors, as it is, already in The CoachHouse; regular doors, sliding glass doors, patio doors, a set of french doors off the garage, a cat door, a trap door for the bar, dutch doors, and even saloon doors.  They all open and shut, they add privacy, have some value of insulation too, and just generally do as a door should.  For the longest time both of us have been thinking about adding an interior sliding barn door on the inside brick wall in the living room.  We have the space, and thought it would look cool.  It may also add a bit of a sound barrier too.

Low and behold there was a feller in Blyth who could fabricate such a door, and the track system.  A few emails were sent back and for, he came to the house to take some measurements, we went to his house to shore up the particulars, and he even returned once more to remeasure and reevaluate the project.  In the end it would be two doors for us.
The second door would be in our bedroom.  It is the partition into the ensuite bathroom.

The big door is most impressive.  It is about 6.5ft x 8ft.  The track is about 13 ft long.  He used tongue and grooved worm maple wood, put a dark stain on it, and then a finishing clear coat so that it doesn't pick up finger prints and whatnot.  The perimetre is edged in steel.  It was heavy too.  Over 200 pounds....  Well over.  He drilled into the bricks rather then the mortar to set his holes.  He put a lead expanding tap into the brick, and then the track went up.  There are rubber bushings against the wall.

The door is on a bit of a hidden sliding track on the floor as well to keep it true.  Also, it is impossible for it to become undone at the top because he put some more rubber bushings up there so it can't get lift.  At each end of the track there are, again, rubber stoppers so the door cannot be slid off of the steel.  During the process he mentioned a couple of times that one really needs to know how to hang this just perfectly - and he was that guy.  If they aren't dead-straight, gravity will slide the door and it can't stay in a neutral position.  Also they can't rub on the floor, they have to clear trim, and so on and so forth.  Let's just say he did a super great job.

The bathroom in the bedroom is in need of a major overhaul = it was finished in 1982, and the tiles are falling down....  It is in a pitiful state.  The picture is just meant as a before and after reference...


So we are super happy with it - The colours and the nitty gritty were all on Shelly....  I probably would have choosen a darker honey coloured stain myself, but I really, really like the dark stain as it is.  I wouldn't change anything about how it was done.

Up next, at some point, is some bathroom overhauling.  They are in quite a state.

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