Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Just a few pictures and an update of the past weeks....  This should have come a bit sooner, however.

Basically all is great.  April's weather hasn't been too exciting, or even warm.  But good enough to get outside a bit more often.  Good enough to have a few less items of clothing on.  And the days are getting long enough to be out a bit later without losing our bearings as much.
Easter weekend just passed.  We kicked it around the greater Goderich area for the most part.  The big adventure was going canoeing.  We had 4 boats and 8 people.  The weather was perfect.  The water level was just fantastic.  We didn't get wet!  Shelly made out to be quite the oarsmen in the bow, with me stroking it smoothly in the stern.

The company also included Joel and Trista, Mark and Josh, and Nate and Anne.  We stopped at a place for a bbq lunch, a few cold drinks, some chips, and s'mores.  I think there were a number of people who regretted that they didn't go out with us.  There is a few more weeks that provide sufficient water levels.  We may be lucky to go out again on the May long weekend on the Maitland.  If it rains some we'd be set.

We are all doing well.  I have been quite busy in my role as stage manager for a Livery production of Wait Until Dark.  This play was originally ran in the late 60s (prob. Broadway?) I think.  It was written by Frederick Knott.  Also there was a movie in the early 70s staring Alan Arkin and Audry Hepburn made from the stage script.  So we are doing it in Goderich and it opens on  May 2.  Things are going okay, but crunch time is getting near and there is still a bunch of things to tighten up.  It promises to be a great show and a great night out...

We are starring John Lodge, Devony House, Susan Caradine, Steve Howe, John Scott, Eric Lubbers, and supported, very briefly, by Colleen Ceaser and Bob Marshall.  Break a leg guys!

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