Saturday, November 24, 2012

Some Very Good Looking People

The infamous Mark Kiteley got married a few weeks ago. It was at a semi-swanky Richmond Street bar in Toronto, so that meant I had to get gussied up, shaved, and find a date...  Funny enough, the bar was called the Richmond - I guess there is no doubt then about where it is for people to find it. Shelly couldn't go, so I searched through my little black book, stopped at the "Bs", and phoned up the great Steve Beasley and he was all-in for a night out in Toronto. 

The event brought in a lot of fine fellers (and one great gal).  We had Andy Hahn, Alexander MacLeod, Chris Bakal, Beaser, myself, Rich Tremain, and his gal Teressa.  Wow!  What a group.  Andy's gal, Alex's, & mine's couldn't go - so it was quite the rooster show.  Rhys was there with his boy Goose, so ya, lots of dudes on Richmond, as compared to on Church Street that night.  Good times had by all.  Someone thought it was a good idea to hit up the Crazy Horse Saloon for a 2:00 am drink - I don't know why.  It seemed like we all had our fill, but such is the way judgements are made at times.

And here we go:  Richy and Alex.

Beaser + Teressa
Bakal + Hahner
Being that it is Toronto and all, there is always a few weirdos and vagabonds kicking about.  These three showed up; John, Ethan, & Emma Coups.  And of course the next picture, well, they don't really need much of an introduction.

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