Monday, October 25, 2010


Shelly and I made it to Windsor on the weekend.  We both went to school there during the 90s and Shelly went finished up her studies during the new millenium.  I never need an excuse to go visit.
On Friday night we drove into Belle River to have a quick visit with our friends Bill Ingham and his daughters, as well as Tom Beale and his son.  Both are dear friends of mine and I always try to make a point of stopping in and visiting when I find myself in the area.  I'll be seeing more of Bill in the next few weeks.  See you then buddy!

Shelly and I stayed in La Salle at another righteous dude's and dudette's place named Andrew Marcus Hahn and his wife Kate.  Andy and I went to school together.  We have done a few runs together in the past - Say 1,000 miles worth over the years.  Saturday mornings was a bit slower then some of them have been.  Oh well.   Shelly and I were treated to great food, drink, and hospitality of course.

We all had a fine walk along Windsor's famed sculpture gardens which is adjacent to the Detroit River.

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