Wednesday, May 27, 2015


I don't think I am leaving too many people in the lurch by not posting and updating - the unfortunate thing is despite getting out and enjoying May with a few motorbike rides, lots of running, turkey hunting, and a canoe...  there was also a nice long weekend and decent weather with that, it has been quite chaotic and crazy around home.  Wally is absolutely beside himself most of the time and just doesn't let in with relaxation or comfort.  I hear that he is decent enough through the day for/with Shelly.  But at night he is insane!  The truth be told I had no idea it would be this stressful and, like I said crazy.  He is crazy and inconsolable.  Sleep is not something that he gives into either.

At any rate we are plugging around seemingly a month behind many chores and tasks that should be done.  Having 3 properties on the go is not romantic whatsoever.  There is always grass to cut or something.  There is never time.  There is always a screaming child (Wally).  The other thing that gets me behind is starting a new task before completely putting an old one to bed.  So I have learned a few things the hard way....  but not how to calm down and wailing baby.  I am not even close to figuring that one out.

The end is near to another school year.  I think 20 teaching days left sounds about right.  I know I have quite a few loose ends to seal up.  Figuring out that Wally is also something to consider during this time.

Shelly had a birthday this month.  It was also, of course the month containing "Mother's Day".  I must say she somewhat did well.  The gift giving on both occasions was thoughtful and appropriate.  But the celebration and grunt work for the events was not....  And to boot, I don't even really have a photo of her this month to post.  So I will have to make a better effort in a few of these life departments.  To start with I should take more of an interest in Wally's restlessness and troubles and a four and a half month old.

I signed up last night for an NDP membership.  I have always voted and felt responsible to know the issues.  It looks like there will be a federal election within the next 6 months or so.  Locally it lets me attend this riding's NDP constituency vote.  It is between two equally fine candidates, so I will have to go and suss out their platforms and ideas moving forward.  Again - Wally might actually have to settle and calm down a bit between now and then....

Running has been fairly labourous and exhausting for me.  I am not quite sure why I don't have a spring in my step these days, but I don't.  It would be nice, but it doesn't concern or phase me too much.  I have nothing on the go other than trying to keep my dapper beach body ready for the shores of Lake Huron.  That is if there is time to catch a break between the donkey-ness of Wally.

In conclusion we all made it through the month.  We are undoubtedly just a bunch of regular folks over here living the dream with a boy and a girl.  We've had these ducks visiting us for the past 2 weeks or so.  Whenever I am out in the garden they land in and waddle around the backyard looking for a place to rest, nest, take a bath, have something to eat - whatever it is ducks do.  Our bird feeder gets too many grackles, but we get lots of blue jays and other nicer birds to look at too for time to time. 

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